Benefit Hoola Range Extension

As a brand, Benefit Cosmetics has evolved so much over the years. Their Hoola Matte Bronzer has always been a fave amongst many. The multi-award winning product has a soft, bendable formula with a matte finish. It looks amazing however many couldn’t benefit from this product due to the one available shade.

In recent times the beauty industry has evolved with many brands drastically expanding their shade ranges. Benefit has now also decided to bring their cult favourite to more and launched 3 additional shades to their Hoola range. This is Hoola Lite, Caramel and Toast bringing the range to 4 shades. 

Other than the benefit swatches, I’ve struggled to find any images online against deeper skin tones. So if you are interested in seeing what they look like on me then I did stop by the launch event to check them out for myself.

After finger swatching the product I realised that it is nothing without the brush. The bristles make the product pickup significantly better not to mention application.

If this isn’t enough then they have also launched a limited edition of the original shade. This is literally double the size so for all the lovers of the original you can pick up double the product for limited time only.

Will you be giving the new Hoola extended range a go?


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