Reasons to visit Malta


Since we are coming into holiday season I thought I would begin to expand on my travel category starting with the beautiful Malta. Surprisingly Malta is actually made up of seven tiny islets despite many thinking it is made of one. Comino is virtually uninhabited and features just one luxury resort.

You may recognise its capital Valletta by its on screen name “Kings Landing” (Game of Thrones). If you love places like Stonehenge then you would love to visit Malta who is the home to some of the oldest free-standing structures of the world.

The Weather

If you are like me then you hate very cold Winters. Since Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate even at this time of year it is relatively warm with the average temperature in February of 16 degrees and 17 in March.


If you love history and architecture then you will also love Malta. It has played a significant role in history and has some stunning architecture to go along with it.

Traditional Maltese food 

Traditional Maltese cuisene is best described as somewhere between Sicilian and North African.  If you are wanting to try some traditional dishes then be sure to try Lampuki Pie (fish pie), Rabbit Stew, Bragioli (beef olives), Kapunata, (Maltese version of ratatouille)

The Beaches

Malta has some of the most wonderful beaches in Europe. Paradise Bay being the clear favourite, and this is not just because of the name. You also have St Paul’s and St George’s bay should you fancy and alternative.


The prices this time of year are super affordable so you can enjoy a little of the weather now should you fancy a break from the cold snap. Not to mention you can be there in just over 3 hours from the UK.

Are you planning to visit Malta?


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  2. Amazing photos.

    1. Thank you x

  3. almost applied there for a job at one point! Looks like a cool place xx

    1. I want to visit the holiday island lol x

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