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Smelling great this time of year is really important and there is no defining characteristics which makes a scent intrinsically masculine or feminine. As I have previously mentioned in my fragrance posts, there are ways which you can find what notes you personally prefer but everyone is different. Not only this but many people have their own personal scent which reacts to scents differently. In this post I will be exploring unisex fragrances.

There have been an increasing number of gender neutral fragrances on the market which I feel are becoming more popular. I found that they tend to be less sweet and more subtle than female scents which is really nice this time of year.

To save you time looking for some good ones I have 3 of the best below.


Hidden (on the rooftops) – Miller Harris


This is a super unique scent which will constantly keep your nose excited. It is no wonder since it is jam packed full of tonnes of notes such as; Angelica Seeds, Violet Leaf Absolute, Syringa, Privet Flower, Pollen, Honey, Honeysuckle, Turkish Rose Oil and Ambergris.


No.4711 – Mäurer & Wirtz

Produced since 1799, this has been produced in Cologne with exactly the same formula. The fragrance alone has a huge history and even has its own Wiki page because it is so special. In terms of how this world famous scent smells, notes include orange, lemon and lavender.


OUD Rose – Primark

This is my curve ball as this is actually in the men’s Primark fragrance section but I would 100% class this as gender neutral. Ouds have a very heavy identifiable scent which may be too heavy for some. That said if like me, you are a perfume lover then you love Ouds. Rose Ouds are my absolute favourite and I have never seen one at such an affordable price. There is however a rise of them most notably from the Miss Guided range. I would say that this one puts me in mind of the Armani Privier collection Rose Oud but for a fraction of the price.


Although there are plenty on the market, these are just a few to get you started. It would also be worth checking out Jo Malone. They also have a selection which you may find pleasant. Not to mention unisex fragrances are great safe choices when purchasing a gift for someone but unsure of what their preferences are.





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