Makeup Revolution RetroLuxe matte liquid lip kit – The New Craze 

Reign, Glory, Grandee, Regal RetroLuxe Lip Kits


The search for an affordable Lip Kit alternative is finally over thank you Makeup Revolution for the new Retro Luxe range.

After hunting across London for two full days (shoutout to snapchat fam #struggleisreal), I was lucky enough to try four of them for a week. The one I was missing from the store stock is called “Noble” which I picked up a week later.

There are metallics still to come so the total amount due to launch is still unknown.

For £6 you get one of these kits containing 1 Lip Liner pencil and 1 matching Liquid Lipstick.

Any brand that is going to offer me savings on makeup that I can have the minute I purchased it compared to $29 per lip kit plus $14.95 shipping fee to the UK (unless you happen for be lucky enough to get free shipping promo or spend over $60)  then 3-5 days before dispatch and 10 – 15 days until delivery, I am definately thankful to. That said I wouldn’t say these are dupes of any of the Kylie Cosmetic lip kit colours.

Wearing “Grandee”

I have found the liners are really pigmented and match the liquid lipsticks. The two darker shades (Regal and Glory), have a liquid lipstick that dries quickly whilst Reign, one of my favourite shades, takes a little longer to dry down. Grandee seems to take the longest to dry so I would dust with translucent powder along with the rest of my makeup after application to help it if you’re in a rush. Now that I have noble I can say that it is really nice and easy to apply.

I also now know there are a further 3 shades Echelon (looks nude pink), Magnificent (dark green) and Royal (purple) which are available online.

Like all matte lip product, it is vital you prime your lips before application particularly in the drying winter conditions. To do this I use a lip scrub followed by a light balm before applying my lip shade.

Personally I have found if you apply it to your bottom lip first then press your lips together before finishing the top lip, you get a good coverage with little product. Line again afterwards for a really clean finish.

Want to try them for yourself?

You can currently purchase them in selected Superdrug stores or order them in online.

***now available directly from*****

Reign, Glory, Regal & Grandee

What do you think of the shades?

See the online exclusive shades here

I have also written about the metallics range here


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  1. @joannej_1974 says:

    I ended up ordering echelon, Noble and the rose gold colour from the Metals. Echelon just arrived today, so excited to try IT!

    1. This is a good mix because the metals will look good on top them too I was thinking today.

  2. […] I have a complete Retro Luxe collection and I can share the final three shades with you. (CLICK HERE for the previous […]

  3. joannej_1974 says:

    LOVE this review so much and you are stunningly Beautiful! Thanks for the dry down tips. My faves on you (and that I would also buy even though my skin tone is very fair) are Reign and Glory. Makeup Revolution just put up a ‘Coming Soon’ video of the entire collection with swatches for a total of 14 Lip Kits😍💋 8 Mattes, 3 Metallics and 3 Glosses. 💗 joannej_1974

    1. The video doesn’t show the entire metallic range there are even more fantastic shades that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I’m glad you like the review there are the formula does vary between shades but for the cost I think its worth it. XxX

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