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This weekend I have been having a paper clear out at home. It is always so fun when I come across old photos and journals and see what was happening in my life many years ago. It is crazy to read not just some of the experiences I had but how they impacted and it inspired me to write some words of advice to my past self.

Hopefully this can help you if you are experiencing anything similar right now.


It’s not your heart talking it’s your pride

Honestly you need to get rid of that guy you are with. He is upsetting you and causing you grief and it will go on for years and you get nothing out of it. I know he  is a nice guy and he is what you have in your mind as your type however he just isn’t for you. Sad as it is he going to be brilliant to someone else and you will find so much better and realise how long and painful you made this for yourself by not letting go. Everything happens for a reason just appreciate the learnings and move on.

You have nothing to prove

Honestly who are you constantly trying to prove yourself to? Happiness can not be found in competition only creativeness. You can do whatever you want but the fact is you keep doing things to prove yourself to someone and in the long run you’ll just return to your passions.

Put yourself first

Being a helpful and kind are lovely qualities to have however who is being helpful and kind to you? You need to balance this quickly otherwise you will end up like Buffy surrounded by vampires waiting to suck the life out of you. I don’t mean stop being nice at all but I do mean if you feel like you need you time then take it and if you don’t wish to go to wherever everyone else is going that night then say no.

It is ok to say “no”

Oh my goodness you really need to learn how to say this because you are only going to cause yourself a WHOLE LOAD OF HEADACHE when you don’t. It is fine to learn how to say it in a kind alternative way but don’t feel so scared to let people down occasionally. (what did I tell you earlier, balance!)


Chase your dreams

You are wasting precious time and you have always known what you wanted to do and what you had a passion for so just do it! Everyone is meant to have a different opinion to you because they aren’t you. You can continue to chase other peoples dreams if you wish however this will never truly make you happy and content in fact, you will get anxious about whether you are doing it correctly. You are unique and this makes you so special so do your thing because you are totally going to love it.

Being the skinny B**** is a blessing

Everyone fills out in some way and your slender frame gets a nice curve going. You’ll look great in most things so don’t get down about it now, your time will come. Just focus on keeping it healthy (your body is a temple) and let it do it’s thing.

You have some wonderful people in your life

You already know who your true friends are and your family are goals. Cherish every moment you can with them.





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  1. Love love love this! Definitely! I’ve been writing a post about giving by myself a break and dithered about posting it. Going to hit that post button am 🙂 H xx

    1. So glad you like it! A little different for me but I really thought I would put it out there in the hope it would help someone xx

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