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Honestly I can not stop talking about skin care and although I wouldn’t say each day my routein is exactly the same I have been using consistently these products to see this impact on my skin. They are from the Exuviance range which is a dermatologist developed skincare range. The creators behind this created of the first glycolic peel which gave me added confidence about using their products.

The range is to help with visible signs of aging whilst providing a salon treatment at home experience. The main benefits I was focussing on seeing results for were,  unblock and cleanse pores as well as help manage oily and acne prone skin.



*These were kindly provided to me by Exuviance whilst attending a Scarlet London event.

After speaking with a member of the team I was given Purifying Cleansing Gel, Retexturing Treatment and Evening Restorative Complex.


Purifying Cleansing Gel

I really enjoyed using this and I am sad that I have actually finished it now. The scent is really unusual but I really like it and I love that this is soap free. I think it lasted me about three months as a little goes a long way and I do feel like recently my skin has been a lot clearer however I do not know how much was just from me using this alone. I do feel that this contributed but perhaps is not the sole reason for my better skin.


Evening Restorative Complex

This is the same scent as the cleanser but the evening complex. As it is evening the cream is quite thick and it goes on very smoothly. Due to my night routine I was have not been as consistent with this product although it is half empty.  I do feel that my texture has mildly reduced but I think that I would see greater results using the acne range.

Retexturing Treatment

Due to this body cream product containing glycolic acid you do need to increase your sunscreen use as it can cause skin sensitivity. My legs often got hair bumps which I do feel this has reduced along with texture on my elbows.

Brightening Bionic Eye Crème

If you are someone that has under eye circles, fine lines and puffiness then this has had proven results to reduce these. I am one of the lucky few that uses eye crème for preventative purposes however I did see a difference if I had puffiness.

Overall I do like the range and especially as this is made by dermatologists, it makes me feel confident about the products. Personally I would like to try the acne range which I feel is more suited to the results I was looking for whilst using these as this is for normal skin/combinational skin type.

If you want to know more about their range then full details can be found on the Exuvience website.

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