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This post is basically to share people who have been keeping me inspired on Instagram. You’ll know from my previous post that I have found it demotivating recently. This does not mean I am not posting nor that I am not active on Instagram. It simply meant that I won’t be paying much attention to my stats or trying extra hard with aesthetics. The fact is trying to find locations with similar coloured backgrounds and the best time to post takes up more time than I feel Instagram is worth right now. One of the things I am in the process of is refreshing everything to see whether that will help. I follow a bunch of people and enter way too many follow loop competitions so it’s probably making my feed look the same.

Although beauty is always where my heart is, it is an oversaturated niche. More frustrating is that despite this I am still unable to find anyone I feel that represents me. Therefore I prefer to focus on creating and sharing more for others to compare. Another thing I’ve found is that I see a lot of the same brands mixes. What I would love to see is more of a mix which is why I challenge myself and collaborate with Showcase Beauty.Β Beauty is still the thing I wake up for and that gets me inspired to create however I’d say I’m not so in love with beauty on Instagram as much.

Things I look for on Instagram now are totally different compared to before. Now I look for long term brand relationships (brand experts) who don’t use every new product going. Alongside this I seek in-depth product reviews. I don’t feel that I gain much from a 1min video. Interestingly enough I’ve myself spending more time on IGTV because of this. Having not see the benefit of it before I feel like people actually speak there and I love that. The final thing I also look for is a personality and people who share things about themselves.

The people I’m about to share are those who I not only follow but I also feel are genuinely nice people. I have tried to break it down into niches to make it easier for you to should you want to scroll through.

There are tonnes of other nice people I follow however I believe these are people that I have not previously mentioned.




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Who are you currently loving on Instagram?


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  1. Thanks for bringing all these gorgeous Instagram accounts into my attention!

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