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If you haven’t guessed I am not made for cold weather. I also believe that when the year ends, so should the Winter season (sorry Winter lovers). As the weather clearly does not agree with me, I thought instead I would write about one of my favourite coastal places to visit which is Brighton. There is also some annual festival highlights with a link to the full list of festivals below.

I am lucky enough to have the ability to drive down to the coast I love the sights along the way along and having my air con on full blast on summer days. As long as you allow time for parking or arrive early on hot days it is great fun driving. There are a range of NCP car pars in the area so please also make provisions for parking fees.

Alternatively if you are more of  beer festival person or fancy a break from road rage then the express train from London is just as much fun. It takes me 45 minutes on the train from London and the station is about 15 minutes walk down hill to the coast.

From the Royal Pavilion to Brighton Pier, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with both friends and family. What I enjoy the most is the different festivals all year round. If you have a particular interest then you can always check out the full list on the visit Brighton website.

There are so many however here are my top 5 favourites;

  1. March – Brighton chocolate festival
  2. May – Foodies festival
  3. June – Brighton fashion week
  4. July – Brighton Kite festival
  5. September – Brighton Japan festival



It is also a perfect place to enjoy a stroll especially if you visit on a windy day as the shopping area is pretty well protected. I would personally recommend walking the lanes and having a look at the local shops.

In the evening, the lights of the pier light up the sky with the stars and the atmosphere is magical which makes Brighton one of my favourites places to visit.


I’d love to know where you like to visit if you have been to Brighton. It is great to get new ideas for my next visit.


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