Winged eyeliner | Beginner Tips

How do I get the correct angle?

How do I get the eyes to match?

Not to mention, why is there always one perfect eye and one ugly??

If you’re tired of asking yourself these types of questions or even if you don’t know where to begin then just keep on reading. In this post I will be sharing my beginners tips on how to nail your winged liner every day.

Use multiple products to line your eye

Not only will this allow for mistakes but also intensify the colour of the completed wing. I like to use a brush with a black liner pencil as my base however some will literally use two liner products. A felt tip liner is a great alternative base proct which you can then trace with a liquid or gel liner.

Where to start

When you look staight into the mirror you should see the angle your wing needs to go by following your waterline to your brow. Personally I recommend you do this on both eyes before proceeding. This is to ensure you get the correct angle on both. Next you need to draw a triangle down towards around the centre of your eyes. Then you can complete the wing by following your lash line all the way along and filling in any gaps. This is the basics however the technique may vary depending on which product you decide to use.

Inspect your work in the mirror

Make sure you take a look in the mirror at both eyes at the same time. This way you can check the levels of the angles of your wings. Most people have eyes which are at slightly different angles so it’s quite important you do this to avoid wonky wings. The next tip will tell you how to tidy up any errors.

Tidy and correct with a Q-Tip

The ideal correction tip is to use a q-tip in your favourite remover. This works perfectly around the eyes and gives you the perfect level of precision. If it is to correct then this is also a quick life saver when in a rush. Even if you haven’t made any, using this trick will sharpen that wing. This will take your liner game from looking like “beginners luck” to “master of artistry” level.

Let me know how you get on I’d love to hear!

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