PLL Finale – Reaction to the end of an era [SPOILERS]


Firstly DO NOT read this unless you are prepared to have the ending revealed however. After all of these years of speculation we were promised that all of our questions will be answered in the final reveal.

PLL Finale

So after all of the plot twists and reveals we finally found out the true identity of A.D. yet I still have so many questions left unanswered.


How many hours I spent reading a number of fan theories before settling with the Twinster theory but never understanding why. Only to find out that there was no deep sever series motivation but a fluke character completely unrelated to the previous six years of questions.

alex drake

Perhaps being a U.K. fan I have missed out on the same level of answers as I have yet to see the cast talk (as Netflix doesn’t have that available for me). or perhaps I have over complicated things.

game image

Either way I have put together some of the immediate reaction questions I have and feel are unanswered;

  1. Who was Bethany Young seriously are we to believe she was just a pointless dead character for seven series?
  2. What about Bethany Young’s father and exactly which twin was it that was having the affair with him?
  3. Keeping with Bethany she visited the ranch and told to call her aunt Jessie by who, Mary?
  4. Why was Melissa acting so suspicious all of the time?
  5. And was Byron seriously shady only because he got back with Arias mum?!
  6. If Sara knew the “real” black widow but had never met Alex then who was the real black widow?
  7. Who actually killed Sara Harvey and why?
  8. Also who was the other red coat?
  9. What was with Jason just evaporating?
  10. Did he happen to be with Eddie Lamb?
  11. What was with the “body” in the bin in the storage container?
  12. Was it Spencer or Alex on the A-Team?
  13. Was Spencer and Alex’s dad really Peter Hastings?
  14. Who was the second shooter that shot Spencer if it wasn’t Sydney?
  15. Also where did Alex take Jenna to in the car and what was in that braille book?
  16. Who actually made the “end game” if Alex was just a British bar maid?
  17. What was the point or significance of the comic book or Lucas getting involved for that matter?
  18. Why did Toby believe Jenna immediately when he has never done that EVER?!
  19. Did Cece know about Alex when she made the dollhouse as Spencer had a A not S wall art?
  20. What was with the dance scene in Radley if Alex wasn’t ever there after her birth?
  21. Why wasn’t Mike at his sisters wedding?
  22. If it was A.D. at the Montgomery (Aria’s parents) wedding then why didn’t we see her?
  23.  If it was Alex at Charlottes funeral then why did the chauffeur say “I’m sorry for your loss sir”
  24. Furthermore what the heck was Alex’s obsession with Aria anyway?!
  25. You mean to tell me that if Mary told Spencer the name of her other sister then series 7 would have been over immediately?!
  26. Why the heck was Mona alive if Alex loved Charlotte so much and knew Mona killed her?
  27. Spencer had nothing to be jealous of after her family broke apart. Toby was only a thing after Alex slept with him pretending to be her so why was Alex so jealous?!
  28. What was the point of stealing Ezra (seriously), everything A.D. does normally makes sense so was the purpose seriously to attend a wedding she knew wasn’t happening, why bother when she had Spencer?
  29. How did Mona start a relationship with a French man whilst in a sanatorium in order to get him to pose as a police officer and steal Mary and Alex?
  30. And are we really meant to believe that Alex and Mary won’t escape?

mary and alex

Obviously I am a total PLL junkie so don’t get me wrong I totally enjoyed the ride. However when I heard the finale would be bittersweet I never thought it would been this bitter with the sweetness of all our couples reuniting. Although I have been confident about the Twinster I just hoped for more of a tie to all seven series thorough the reveal.

ALSO: In the background I was hoping for a dark twist like Byron to be A.D. as he didn’t want Aria to find out he was Spencers real father but that ship has sailed.

What are your thoughts on the finale? If you find you have any unanswered questions then be sure to drop them in the comment section below.


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2 thoughts on “PLL Finale – Reaction to the end of an era [SPOILERS]

  1. Great reaction, I just wrote my thoughts of the finale up too and I just seem to be full of questions still! Your theory about Byron being AD is so interesting and much better than the twin, I was hoping it was Ezra to be honest because I don’t see why he needed that whole lair in season 4 to write a book! I’ll never understand why AD kidnapped Ezra as well! X
    Erin // href=””>Everything Erin

    1. I think anything related a little further back within the series would have felt more complete as a viewer. Glad you liked my thoughts I will check your post manually as the link doesn’t seem to work for me. After 7 years I think it deserves a post really as I will definitely miss it. Xx

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