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Kylie Skin is a skincare brand owned by Kylie Jenner. Although this brand has been around for a little while now, only recently have I been able to try the range for myself. I’ll share my thoughs on how the range performed in this post. The products I will be reviewing are the 4 piece mini set. This set was in my basket all year until the Black Friday sales where I finally gave into purchasing it (£27 with the discount). The set included the Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash, Vanilla Milk Toner, Vitamin C Serum and Face Moisturiser. In addition to these I picked up the full size Kylie Skin Eye Cream which I will include.

Packaging | First Impressions

The simplicity of the pink packaging gave the range a minimalistic feel. Initially I was expecting quite lightweight plastic packaging but was quickly impressed by the quality which was higher than anticipated. The Vitamin C serum in particular had quite weighty packaging, considering it was 10ml.

Eye cream

From the range this was by far my favourite product. Both the texture of it as well as application. When applied generously it absorbed seamlessly into the skin. The product was very light but highly moisturising and I found my undereyes didn’t dry throughout the day following use. At full price it sits on the high end of under eye moisturiser and I feel it would be suited to those who are mainly looking for moisture without treatment from an eye cream. For selfish reasons, one hoped for the future would be to see the plastic applicator updAted to something like a zinc applicator. Zinc applicators are known to help with depuffing the under eyes, which I personally need from an eye cream applicator.

Vitamin C Serum

The Vitamin C serum was the most impressive to me in terms of packaging. The 10ml serum was in a weighty container. It is very important that this is stored correctly as Vitamin C should not be exposed to sunlight or heat. This is as both of these will start the oxidisation process. This serum also does not have a dropper so less product will be exposed easily. The proudct was light weight and had a hint of citrus scent to it. It’s lasted about one month.


The moisturiser contained sodium hyaluronate, glycerin banana leaf extract, oat bran extract and orange peel extract however, like the rest of the range, it has hardly any scent. The texture of the moisturiser was very thick and the smallest amount went a really long way.

Foaming Face Wash

The foaming face wash main ingredients is glycerin. Glycerine is known to moisturise the skin and lock in moisture after you’ve used it. As this product also references coconut, I would assume that they use vegetable glycerine from coconut oil. However, the foaming face wash does not smell of coconut in fact it was scent free. If you’re someone that prefers an unscented product this product would definitely work for you. The the pump was also very effective dispensing instant foam. This was one of those things to appreciate this can be surprisingly hard to achieve. The interesting thing about this product is it lends well to someone who prefers to wash their face with their hands. As someone who generally uses a face cloth, this wasn’t as compatible as it is when using hands.

Vanilla Milk Toner

This product had a very slight hint of coconut scent to it. Although I appreciated the sent as the toner itself looked like coconut milk. Since it was a moisturizing toner someone that naturally feels quite tight after washing their face would find this useful. Pyrus and malus fruit extract are commonly known as apple extract, which is an ingredient in this product. Apple extract has two great benefits first it’s anti-aging and secondly skin smoothing. This means it would help maintain youthful looking skin.


Based on my experience the range is ideal for those with normal/sensitive skin. In terms of the packaging quality, it feels reflective of the price point. The quality of the packaging, which isn’t conveyed in images, was well executed and thought through. Particularly the Vitamin C serum felt like it was reinforced, which makes sense since Vitamin C does tend to expire very quickly in skincare products. My personal favourite product was the eye cream as I felt the product quality was very good on my undereyes and I would consider repurchasing at full price. In terms of the set, if you’re looking to try Kylie Skincare then it’s a great way to avoid breaking the bank.

Kylie Skin can be purchased directly via the Kylie Skin website and other stockists including Selfridges and Harrods.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been wondering if this is worth the money or not but to hell with it, it’s lockdown. I’m going to buy some on payday.

    1. So glad you found it useful. I’d be interested to know how the body range is next so Iight get those soon.

  2. Great review, I really like the depth you’ve gone to. The description of the packaging is important for me. The price isn’t what I was expecting. While it’s not base line, it’s still really affordable which I’m surprised at. I’d defo give this range a go on your advice and review!


    1. That is so kind of you to say. I generally try to answer things people think of when purchasing and I feel like the quality Vs price point was important in this range.

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