Skinimalism | 2021’s Biggest Beauty Trend


Predicted one of the 2021 beauty trends to look out for is Skinimalism.

If you haven’t heard then Skinimalism is balanced somewhere between makeup and skincare. Despite this, the well balanced ‘lazy girl edition’ routine still leaves skin looking amazing. This new form of ‘no-makeup makeup’ allows you to embrace a more natural look whilst allowing your natural skin shining through.

Due to the new normal world, many of us are at home and working from home. But since we are also working being presentable for those zoom calls is still important. It’s no wonder this is considered the 2021 beauty trend to watch. Not to mention we are spending a lot of time wearing masks so transference is not desirable.

How it started

Once again, we have South Korea to thank for the birth of this beauty trend which started as ‘skip-care’. The trend routine involved fewer skincare products but with the same results as a 10-step one.    

An increased desire to enhance natural beauty features rather than completely restructure them, is welcome. The trend also signals that many people want to move away from unrealistic beauty standards.

You’ll see a lot more Skinimalism tips so be sure to come back soon.



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