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So if you haven’t realised already, I am a massive lover of food and I have to admit I do feel this is reflected in my photos. Whilst Christmas shopping I stopped and ate at a lovely restaurant in Kingston called Jin Jin.

Chinese food is kinda like my go to comfort food and I do tend to go for the same dishes no matter where I dine. I have to say that the food here was really good.

From start to finish, the service was really good and the staff were really tentative and friendly. It’s clearly popular as after I arrived it picked up quickly with generally local resident diners.

The challenge I tend to personally have is that my eyes are too big for my belly so I have a tendency to over order.


I went with the spicy salt and pepper prawns for my appetiser. This is not always on the menu in every Chinese restaurant, so I just have to order it when I see it. Even if I end up taking it away! I do not understand how exactly it is so yummy but the salt with chillies is just perfect and I can not get enough of it. The thing I enjoy the most about the dish is that the chillies have enough of a kick for you to enjoy them cold from the fridge the next day. If it’s a late lunch then I probably finish this starter and a main by myself however I could quite comfortably have this particular dish as a main as it was just so good.


Speaking of mains, I went for the crispy shredded beef this time.  Anyone that knows me knows that I always go for sweet and sour chicken and usually with a few appetisers. (eyes still too big for my belly)

I went for a change this time and was pleasantly surprised again. The portion size for one person was quite generous. With a side of rice it meant I was more than satisfied by the end of the meal. The flavours and textures were amazing and this dish genuinely made me question its position on my all time favourite main dishes.

Crispy shredded beef



One thing I also appreciated was that they provided me with a takeaway box. Not everywhere does that so I always appreciate it when that happens.

Thanks to Jin Jin I had a great time and a great meal overall.

I’d love to know your favourite Chinese dishes! Let me know in the comments below and I will give them a try.



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