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Taking time to go to a spa is always an amazing experience but also can be costly. It was great to discover Seoulista Beauty have a range of masks that allow you to have the same experience in the comfort of your own home.

Seoulista Beauty kindly sent me 4 masks from their Instant facial range. This was so I could try them for myself and share with you my personal thoughts.

The Brand

Firstly I would say the brand name really got my attention. This is mostly because Korean skincare is known for being the top in the world. Rather than being “inspired”, founder Una McGurk teamed up with South Korean dermatologists to create at-home salon-quality authentic Korean skin care. The main benefit of this being that you get salon quality at friendly prices.

The brand has a number of different masks for all over the body however the Instant Facial range is the first product range. The Instant Facial range has four masks for different skin needs – hydration, purification, brightening and skin irritation. Each mask contains a minimum of 25g of potent serum designed to produce real results within the comfort of your own home.


Super Hydration Instant Facial

The mask contains Hyaluronic Acid and a powerful mix of vitamins including sugar maple extract. This mix is to provide anti-ageing treatment that leaves the skin plumped, lifted and glowing.


Charcoal Detox Instant Facial

This was the first mask I used and contain charcoal and volcanic ash to detoxify and refine the skin.


Correct and Calm Instant Facial

This mask is to help reduce skin irritation, blemishes and redness with ingredients including witch hazel and eucalyptus leaf.


Brightening Instant Facial

With a mix of vitamins and AHA’s exfoliate this mask is to smooth skin texture whilst fading dark spots and pigmentation caused by sun damage.

My Thoughts

Initially I noticed it was slightly different to standard sheet masks. Very clear, detailed instruction were provided on each of the mask packaging although it was straight forward.

All of these masks can be purchased on the Seoulista Beauty & Look Fantastic site for £7.99 if you want to try them for yourself.

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  1. Mrs Gregory says:

    Yasss! I need something to hydrate my skin. Literaly have bits flaking off right now… 😩

    1. Think it is the weather! Iiterally just used the Hydrate one for exactly that reason (and I have oily skin normally)

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