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This week I am sharing more than one mask as I was lucky enough to have received a selection from Janna. Janna hold a self declared dedication to creating beautiful skin and for this, have a range of skin care items and masks. The selection I gained was from their luxury Bio-Cellulose range and their Targeted Care range.


Bio-cellulose was originally manufactured for treating burns and chronic wounds, honestly the way my acne skin reacts, it sounds like something I should definitely give a go.


The thing that I found so unique about the range was that they were not just for you face but your entire body. I am guilty of neglecting parts of my body which are never visible so not only was it nice however it also reminded me that all areas of the body are important.


Bio-Cellulose Regenerative Facial Mask Treatment

This particular sheet mask has a range of ingredients including vitamins and shea nut butter to make the skin look and feel great. Personally anything with vitamin A is appealing to me as it helps the skin feel supple and hydrated. Also I like the size of the sheet mask which can sometimes vary depending on which brand you use.


Purifying Self Foaming Sheet Mask

Really excited to give this one a try as it is a mix of my two favourite masks put together AND it contains charcoal, which has been a trend in my mask choices the past couple of weeks. What I love about charcoal is that it is great for drawing out the impurities from the skin.


Intimate Care sheet mask

Most intriguing mask of all as this was not even an area of the body I have considered for extra tlc despite it probably being the most sensitive. This is meant to hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin. The main thin is that you should definitely apply to a clean area and the mask itself, looks a bit like a sanitary towel.


Breast Care

Another interesting mask was this one which is another great idea. Not everyone can cream this area even when the weather changes and they have dry skin. This is as for some people creaming their breasts can create painful cysts. This mask is specially formulated to improve skin elasticity for softer and more supple skin.


Neck Renewal

I’ve heard this is one of the most challenging areas to hide the signs of aging. This is mostly due to it often getting over looked by people in their youth. With this mask you apply it directly to the neck. The active ingredients support the elasticity and keep it looking supple (young).


Eye Renewal

Last but not least is the eye renewal mask for the delicate eye area. This comes with one for patch for each eye to moisturise the delicate area. Not only does this support in fighting fine lines but also wrinkles. Often overlooked, this area of the body often goes without moisturiser or SPF. To have something specifically for keeping it looking its best is important to looking and feeling great.

Will you be giving Janna a try?

You can look at the full range on their website.


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