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It is hard to know where to start with so many at-home hair removal devices on the market. From razors, threading, hair removal cream and wax kits to IPL and professional laser, I have tried as many options as possible, so you don’t have to. I will share and review the Sensilight PRO device in this blog post.

What attracted me most to trying this device was the results. When used correctly, the Sensilight PRO can deliver pain-free long-lasting results. 

At just under £400, the device is a small investment. However, compared to a course of laser treatment, this is still cheaper. Unlike the salon, treatments can be delivered whenever suits your schedule in the comfort of your home. As consistency is vital, having schedule control can be a blessing and a curse. If you do not maintain a routine easily, then this will take longer to deliver results. Your skin also needs to be as smooth as possible to get the most effective results.

Sensica sensilight pro-IPL hair removal device


The cordless device is quite bulky compared to other treatment options, so it does require some thought when it comes to storage. It can be used all over the body on the legs, arms, stomach, bikini area, underarms, and even face. The box has a handy storage bag and two different interchangeable attachment heads for different body parts. There are other energy settings to choose from and an intelligent skin tone detection option. The instructions advise starting the first set of treatments every two weeks followed by every four weeks afterwards. 

The device advises that it is effective on most hair types, except very dark, light blonde, red or grey.


*after removal of hair*

A pulse and glide mode means that as long as you keep it flat against the skin, you don’t have to keep pressing the button during treatment. This setting is suitable for larger areas such as the legs; however, you can stop it and press the button on smaller areas such as the face or underarms. 

You have to press the trigger down for three consecutive pulses to activate glide mode. Then it will release continuous pulses every one to three seconds.

The recommended treatment time and settings are dependent on your hair type. 


The Sensica sensilight pro is smaller than I expected for an IPL device. You can begin to feel the device’s weight if you try to do your entire body in a session. The treatment routine is where I struggled initially; however, I saw results within a couple of months as soon as I resolved this. After one year, regrowth in the areas of use is near non-existent. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the first IPL I can use on my skin tones, as these are usually not recommended due to the small skin to hair colour differential. 

Overall this is a reasonably priced machine for what it does and is the most painless of all hair removal treatments I have tried.

Buy now £379.99,

Looking for something smaller? They also have a sensilight mini device for £149.

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