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Finally the wait is over and we are not only able to see but also get our hands on the TammiXRevolution palette. We now know that this is named Tropical Paradise and the colours truly reflect the name.

Collaborative palettes from Revolution Beauty are rare but successful (“Fortune Favours the Brave” & Sophie Does Nails range.) The thing we know from Tammi herself was that she certainly had her own creative input. This was even down to the eyeshadow shade positions within the palette. Known for being a lover of warm tones and representative of POC it was nice to see the palette was inclusive for all. One detail that particularly stood out was that there were three transition shades for different skin tones.


We get a double treat when it comes to the packaging. Not only are Revolution treating us to a bespoke sunset outer box (which I always keep) but also the much loved rose gold casing. Tammi is bold on both and how it reverses from rose gold to black is well thought through.


The palette has 23 shades inside and each are named by Tammi. The bottom three are transitions shades for each skin tone making it hugely inclusive. It appears that around half are shimmer shades (11) whilst the remainder are matte (12).


These look very pigmented and that yellow and pink has definitely caught my eye. Since these weren’t swatched on camera it is hard to determine anything about the formula. This can be something for me to look forward to when I get my hands on it myself.

Available at some point today this palette will be on the Revolution Beauty website.

I certainly will be picking one up, how about you?


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  1. Mrs Gregory says:

    This palette looks so good! I hope it’s still in stock when I get paid lol!

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