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Great to be back blogging after a holiday which I will share with you shortly. My sister sent me the funniest video of someone peeling off a face mask and it reminded me to tell you all about it. This BioAqua 3 step blackhead remover says that it can help with the elimination of blackheads which I for one, am all for.

It arrives in a box with three products enclosed. The packaging is very cute but has limited translations so the step by step guide is not in any English at all.


Each are numbered so you that know what order to apply them in which is helpful.

The first step of this BioAqua mask is meant to open your pores to allow for easy blackhead removal and cleaning. The second step is for eliminating all waste and to remove deep blackheads. The third step is to minimizes the pores for a fresh and smooth look and feel.


As always cleansing your face is always first so I usually use this mask either first thing or as part of my night routine.


  1. Should be placed on the nose and left for 15-20minutes  before removing slowly and wiping off any impurities. (It is completely invisible and  feels similar to a toner as it has a watery texture.)
  2. Should then follow and left fore 10-15 minutes (To ensure it dries tightly the best thing to do is wet nose with water before placing on nose.)
  3. Place the final step on your nose and after 10-15 minutes and gently tap it in to ensure it absorbs. (This is like a clear gel)



Remember that it’s always good to use a face mask twice a week. I don’t always use this one however I find it’s great when I have clogged pores. PrioR to putting on a mask I cleanse and exfoliate my skin. This is to allow it to be as effective as possible.

Have you used this mask before, what are your thoughts?




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