“Kiss of Fire” RevolutionXCarmi palette has landed


The RevolutionXCarmi palette has landed completing the Revolution Beauty influencer team collaborations. Without sparing a moment to catch our breath following the TammiXRevolution release we now have the Kiss of Fire palette. Lets take a look;

We have known that there was some form of collaboration coming however it was a little unclear as to what. This was as in one of the promotion he appeared to be using a highlighter.

I made my personal feelings clear about the situation.

The Palette

This palette is not only stunning but you can certainly see that Carmi has put his personal stamp on it. The colourful palette has 10 eyeshadows and 2 highlighters for £10 and currently available on the Revolution Beauty website.

If you were wondering then, yes the shade “Bibi” is there. Along with this “Valeria” and many other sentimental shade names.

Again I will be ordering one and sharing my thoughts with you in greater detail. Congratulations to Carmi on a fantastic collaboration.

Will you be picking one up?

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