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With the Royal Wedding just around the corner we can certainly say that wedding season is underway. As if being a bride wasn’t hard enough wedding guest dresses can be just as challenging to find. If you are also ‘lucky’ enough to be required to adhere to a guest colour code then a nightmare to shop for doesn’t quite describe it.

In the hope of helping you find the perfect guest dress I took a browse through the Quiz Clothing website. As you know I wore a dress from Quiz over the holidays and their boots are very popular on my Instagram. Quiz are also kindly sponsoring this post as they have recently expanded into the USA, something which I am happy to share as I know I have many international readers.


Knowing what the current trends are is certainly important as they dictate what you’re most likely to find in the high street shops. This season is printed, whether it’s florals, polka dots, tropical or stripes they’re going to be everywhere.

Day Dresses

The Royal Wedding official dress code is “uniforms, morning suit or lounge suit, day dress and hat”. If you are looking for something fit for a Royal Wedding then I have selected some you may love. Great midi dresses like these would look great with a great pair of shoes, bag and hat.


Summer wedding guest dresses

Despite Winter being the most affordable most guests, including me, prefer a Spring/Summer wedding. Mainly as you get more options and don’t necessarily require thermal undergarments which can slowly suffocate you. Since I am in London the most common types of weddings are in the City or the countryside (not really tropical beach locations).

To be honest I think you can never really go wrong with maxi dresses and you will certainly have a royal wedding guest look. If you get a good one then you can even wear flat shoes and not get caught by anyone. Just be sure to check its okay with the bride if you go for a shade of white. Here are my picks:

Metallic dresses are still in so you could always sparkle in your own way with a sequin dress. Whether it is maxi, midi or mini they definitely say royalty to me.

Millennial Pink

One shade that is not going anywhere is Millenial Pink which is quite romantic like the Royal wedding. You see it everywhere and it looks great on everyone. As far as shades go Millienial Pink is quite a safe one as it is sort of a nude, pink, salmon. Here is a selection of dresses close to the hugely popular shade.

It is always difficult to know where to start when it comes to a perfect wedding guest dress. If you are someone who has a lot of weddings to attend this year then I hope this post has been helpful. The great thing about shopping in one place is that it makes things a little easier. Not to mention that Quiz also have a selection of shoes and accessories so you can get everything in one place.


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