Makeup Revolution have just announced this launch and it’s sending shockwaves


If you haven’t heard yet then the secret it out! Makeup Revolution who are known for challenging the world of beauty with their low cost cosmetics, are about to drop a foundation range.

What we know so far ..

The Fast Base Stick foundation range will be released with 18 shades, each are meant to match their already popular Conceal & Define range. You can identify the correlating shades “C” (Conceal & Define) is the equivalent “F” (Foundation). For example C12 = F12. The foundations are set to release in the UK in February 28th.

Another thing we know is that the Conceal and Define range is expanding in March to 25 shades. It’s unclear when the additional shades will be added to the foundation range at this stage. Despite this we know it is 100% on its way.

Makeup Revolution are coming at us fast this year and I for one am super excited to see what it’s like what are your thoughts?

Did I also mention that they officially announced that they are cruelty free?

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