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On my recent visit to the Chelsea Flower Show there was only one plant name on everyone’s lips. That was ‘Alliums’. Whether this was because everyone loved them or because they were everywhere is unclear however I don’t believe it’s the 1st year that there have been so many.

chelsea flower show supershoes laced with hope garden

If you are unfamiliar with plant names then you’ll recognise these after reading this post. They look like

purple allium

Despite allium meaning ‘garlic’ in Latin, it is commonly known as the ornamental onion. Most types even have a faint onion or garlic scent to them. In terms of size, these can grow anywhere from 5-150cm tall.  Alliums are thought to represent unity, and so are sometimes given between married couples or long-time acquaintances.

The Allium Gigantium (photographed) is hugely popular in English gardens at the moment. Not only are these very pretty but the bulb and petal varieties are edible. If you are planning to plant them then it is best to check with an expert as some are poisonous to dogs and cats.

One thing that I found really interesting is that a type of allium is known for growing on the top of Mount Everest. So now we know what the plants look like up there without climbing to see for ourselves!

allium flower

Although the one I’m sharing is beautiful, they come in a large variety of shapes, shades and sizes.

This time of year they are particularly beautiful so it is no wonder why so many people are in love with them.


What is your favourite flower?


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