New Years Resolution – Here’s why you been doing it wrong

new year resolution

It’s that time of year where people say “New Year, New Me”. This time of year I am always asked what my resolutions will be. It is a particularly popular tradition within the Western Hemisphere. No matter what resolution people commit to, it is a promise to keep for the coming year that’ll enhance your life. Since this is personal to each person, they can come in many forms. The tradition came from the Romans who would make a promise to Janus each year. (The god January was named after) Unfortunately resolutions are something that has been well known for being people’s first unkept promise of the year. Many actually anticipate failure prior to even picking a resolution. In this post I will share with you some top tips as to how to ensure you don’t fail on yours. It may involve enhancing your existing resolution or changing it altogether.

One Is Enough

This is actually the biggest key to success. All to often people get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resolutions. I get YOLO however Rome wasn’t built in a day. Selecting one resolution will feel like an easy adjustment. Having multiple will probably feel like a personality transplant. The point is, you want to set a manageable resolution that feels achievable.

Change The Root Behaviour

This links to the first point about setting one resolution. I’ve noticed when people set multiple resolutions they often all link to one behaviour. For example eating more fruit and veg and going to the gym would actually just be to maintain a healthier lifestyle. You can make a list of all of the things you want to do differently. After doing this have a look to see whether any look similar. This way you can group the ones that are most similar to one resolution.

Don’t Give Up

If you happen to not do your commitment on one occasion, don’t quit. Sometimes people have bad days and can’t always achieve everything. The main part it to continue trying and then it’ll become force of habit. It takes 21-66 days to form a new habit. So even if you start a new habit today it’ll be second nature before the end of March.

If you are stuck for ideas then you can check out my post full of popular resolutions HERE. Ultimately as long as it is personal to you and you’re committed to it then you will be successful. Although I still have not fully decided on mine just yet, I am super close. It’s always nice to make a promise to yourself each year around personal growth and development.

What are your New Year Resolution tips?


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