Flyte the low calorie clean energy drink


With so many commitments it can feel like the reasonable option is to substitute diary management with energy drinks. This creates many health risks so I do feel it is important to have alternatives like Flyte. 

Flyte is a clean alternative feel more important to me now especially with the growing concern around heavily caffinated ones. 

They are 100% naturally sourced and contain organic caffeine and are low in calories. The drink is in a selection of four great flavors orange clementine, citrus lemon, green mango and red berries. The all taste unique and like juice carbonated at home. I have now tried them all and I do have to say that my personal favourite was green mango.

The very simple and attractive design comes on a glass bottle so it can be recycled after use which is another plus.

Where to purchase Flyte

You can get your Flyte drink from their website HERE.

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