18 New Year Resolution Ideas

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Making a New Year Resolution can be challenging. It can sometime feel overwhelming the sheer volume of ideas you generate. Not to mention everyone talks about them the first week back to work/studies etc…What tends to happen with me is I have a think about all the areas of my life. Then I have a think about where I feel is the main area to improve this year. Once I have decided on then I will then spend sometime brain storming. The approach I take tends to mean I don’t officially decide on my new year resolution until mid-end of January. Although this may appear delayed I feel if it is something I want to truly commit to then assigning 1/12 months on what it is, is key.

When speaking to different people this year I noticed how many do not even know where to begin. Some do not even know what a Resolution is or looks like. If that is you then you’ll love this post. I have put together the most popular resolutions. These are the most common ones people make. This is are these areas generally seem to be important to many therefore I’m hoping one of them will apply to you.

Here’s The List:

  1. Charity related: Donate more often money/time
  2. Become more assertive/confident
  3. Recycle more/be more eco friendly
  4. Health Related: eat healthy food, lose weight, start going to the gym, eat better, drink less alcohol, quit smoking
  5. Break A Habit: Stop biting nails, get rid of old bad habits
  6. Mental wellness: Positive Thinking, Enjoy life
  7. Financial Freedom: Get out of debt, Save, Invest
  8. Career Related: Improve Performance, Career Change, Go Self Employed
  9. Education: Get better grades, learn something new ( language), read more books, learn a new word each day
  10. Self Development: Stress Reduction, time management, independence, less blue screen
  11. Travel related: Holiday, Visit more countries
  12. Interpersonal skills: enhance social skills
  13. Broaden Social Circles: make new friends
  14. Spend more time with friends & family members
  15. Settle down, get engaged/get married, have kids
  16. Become more spiritual: meditate, Feng Shui your life
  17. Social media detox: spend less time on social media
  18. Hope you found this post useful.

These are quite broad so you’ll need to make them specific to you. Also you may want to add on how much and by when. For example “I will attend a Yoga class every week on Wednesday’s”. This way you will know how you are doing against your desired goal. Whatever you do decide on, I wish you the best of luck. In my next post I will be talking about my top tips to make your resolution a success so be sure to check back tomorrow.

Let me know your resolutions for 2019.


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