Joy Louche Mack Zip Detail backpack


A good backpack is quite rare to come by for me as I like it to look quite professional but also be functional. I picked up this Joy the store Louche Mack Zip Detail backpack in the Autumn as it went well with corporate and casual wear. What was really surprising to me it just how reliant on it I became due to the fact that it could hold a lot. Even better it could hold items such as my camera, with ease.

The Louche backpack is available in a selection of three colours; Navy, Black or Grey. I picked up the navy blue one first as it co-ordinated the best with my outfit color scheme at the time although I realised the black was even better, so I picked that up whilst in Victoria station.

It has a double zipper which is really handy especially for me who is left handed and so the zippers usually go in the opposite direction to my preference (struggle is real). Inside you have 2 compartments separated into 3. The main body of the bag has a center compartment which divides it in half most of the way down but not fully. The dividing compartment has a zipper so you can keep thing you don’t wish to dig for. Of course it has a handy small back pocket on the inside which also has a zipper. What I love most is the the back of the bag on the outside, there is another zip pocket which is super handy for my oyster card. Of course the outside also has a compartment which has like a button holding it and is great for things like snacks and headphones.


Basically there is plenty of room to hold whatever you want in this Louche bag and the color range means it can compliment many outfits.

Be sure to let me know what bag you’re loving at the minute.


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