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With so many different types of hair removal methods, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. You probably know about waxing but have you heard of sugaring? [me neither] This is a Persian waxing method introduced in 1900 BC and used many different names. Like many, I’ve not really identified a difference between the two until now.


This is a hair removal method which uses waxes made from resins and tree by-products. It comes in two forms which is hard and soft wax. Hard wax doesn’t require a removal strip when applied. Removing the hair from its root providing a longer than shaving or depilatory creams, result. This can be done either with a professional at salon or at home.

Results can last up to 2 weeks before new hair grows back in. Generally you need to wait until the new hairs grow 1/ 4 inch (approx 2 weeks growth) otherwise the wax will not be able to grab the hairs to remove hair the next time. If you get this done at the salon the prices can increase quite rapidly to depending on how much of your body you’re getting waxed. A simple bikini wax for example, can set you back £60. This is something where a professional is important when getting it done for the first time as hey can be more understanding around how your skin will most likely respond to the treatment.


This is a natural hair removal method used to remove hair completely, from the root. The paste is a combination of lemon, water and sugar melted at low to medium heat. Once cooled, it can be used just like waxing where you apply the sugar on your skin and hair and then pull to remove the hair. The results of this can last up to 2 weeks. Equally similar to wax this can be used either with or without a strip depending on how you create the mix.

Key Differences

When it comes to application then this is where the difference really shows. Standard wax is applied in the same direction as the hair and removed in the natural hair direction. Sugaring you apply the opposite to hair growth and remove in the same direction of hair growth. [make sense?]

Another difference is that Sugaring has no additional ingriedients so if you’ve previously had reactions to waxes, this may be an alternative.

One final difference is in temperature is that sugaring requires a lower one making it more comfortable for the skin.

Sugar Coated

If sugar waxing has caught your interest then you may want to check out Sugar Coated’s Vegan Sugarwax. This is simply sugar and water and 100% natural. The Full Body Hair Removal box of Sugarwax comes with reusable strips and an applicator. For £12.50 you recieve 250g of edible smelling sugarwax. There’s also a face and legs supply if you wanted them seperate. This can be bought online on the Sugar Coated website or on stockist sites such as FeelUnique.

As someone that has spent some time trying different forms of hair removal treatments to share with you, I can’t wait to try this one. Currently I’m still awaiting some hairs to utilise however I will certainly do a review for you once I have.

Have you tried sugarwaxing before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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