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I heart chocolate salted caramel palette


As you know I am literally a lover of Makeup Revolution products. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a store with the I Heart Makeup’s I Heart Chocolate eyeshadow palettes.


After a lot of smelling and testing, I settled with my first purchase being the Salted Caramel palette. I felt that most of the shades were similar across these palettes which slightly disappointed me when it came to the death by chocolate palette as I expected a lot of darker shades. But on balance, all these palettes make it easy for you to create a number of looks because of the range of colours so you could easily live off one palette. The pigmentation is what I appreciate most about all of makeup revolutions products and these have a great scent which gets better with uses.

Look with Makeup revolution salted caramel palette

This look was created using the shades “tempt” (outer corners), “sweet” (transition shade) and “caramel” (lid).

I haven’t personally used the Tarte palettes to fully compare however I do feel that this is a great affordable alternative to them. The palettes available are online or in selected stockists for £7.99. There’s currently 3 for 2 offer so I will definitely be returing to get the remaining collection.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried both the Tarte and I Heart Makeup palettes.


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  1. princessoftherain says:

    I thought it was a chocolate tablet in the beginning ! Very beautiful palette.

    1. 😆😆😆😆 it sure smells delish! I’m so glad you like it xx

      1. princessoftherain says:

        I do <3 it's great

  2. I love the look you did with it! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much it was really simple give it a go xxx

  3. Sierra Smith says:

    This is sooo gorgeous! Is the palette really as bulky as it looks? or is it just the angle of the pictures?

    1. As in the case? Im glad you asked! I would say the lid makes it more bulky than most because the chocolate detail is raised.

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