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Last week I was lucky enough to have received the most amazing gift from Makeup Academy (MUA) and it was their new Prism range. This is the best collection they have produced and I literally was loving their Halloween highlights a couple of weeks ago. Since they were so kind it means I also have the great privilege of being able to share the entire range with you in this post. The packaging was fun to photograph as in dim light it had a holographic effect.


To give you an overview of the range there are a total of five pressed highlighters, three jelly highlighter trios and one powdered highlighter. What I look forward to with interesting shades of highlighters is whether there will be visible pigment on my skin tone. Often these are because I find that they come out really well on lighter tones but often a shade of ice on me. The other thing I consider is texture and how much building is required for the kind of pay off I like. Everyone knows I love a new highlighter overall but these are the main considerations that spring to mind.

Prism Jelly Highlighter – £5.00

The Jellies were the ones I found most exciting particularly due to their texture. This somehow felt wet (not jelly like) however when you applied on skin, it was dry. I really enjoyed playing with these and the colour range individually was really good for every type of skin tone. These ones were initially more natural on the face and look great under makeup however they are buildable. My personal favourite was the one with golds on the far right.


Prism Highlighter – £4.00

There are a total of six shades to pick from and are in the classic highlighter appearance. They had a very smooth texture and came out without much need to build on layers to pop. With the shade range they could easily be used everyday looks but also more adventurous ones. The photos of the highlights have been taken in dimmed light just so you can see how beautifully they came out and this was the same on the skin.

Prism Loose Powder highlighter (Star Illusion) – £5.00

Generally I have noticed an increasing amount of these getting released in stores. This one initially looks and feels like loose setting powder however it leaves the most beautiful glow. The easiest way I could demonstrate this was by taking an image of the lid with product on it.


Honestly I feel this is the best range MUA have released yet! (Despite my excitement about their Halloween highlighters)

That is the entire range which is now available from MUA stockist.

Will you be giving them a go?



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