Distorted Dreams palette & Matte Me Lipshades – Sleek Makeup


I wanted to give you a look inside the new Sleek launches which have launched today. Luckily I was at the launch party and was given these to share with you.


Distorted Dreams Palette (RRP £10.99)

This palette is mesmerizing with loads of unique shades. They are a mixture of five cream and powder shade to pick from; Anodize, Beam, Sweet Delusion, Refracted & Blurred lights. Personally my favourite is the gold one which is a powder although I know it is safe compared to the other shades. Personally I think that the creams would look great over a lip shade. (yes on the lips)


These seem to really pop when in a darker environment which is personally what I like in a highlighter and would look great on a night out.



Matte Me lips (RRP £4.99)

There are a selection of three new shades I pick from Volcanic, Roman Copper and Rusted Rose. Each shade glides on creamy but has a metallic, foil-like finish. Volcanic is the one I love the look of most as it is a two toned and inspires me every time I look at it.


As always you can pick these up online or in store from Sleek stockists and I thank Sleek for allowing me to have access to these early.*


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