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So…? is frequently featured on JustNadiene.com since I am a long term lover of the brand. Most recently they have extended their range and added an entirely new collection “Miss So…?“. In this post I am going to be sharing my first impressions on the range and all the info you need to know.

If you are looking for an everyday affordable signature fragrance then you need to check out this range. The range is inspired by the everyday woman who seizes every opportunity that comes her way. If this sounds like you then keep reading.

The mists have unique packaging have a tonne of sass for you to carry with you. Not to mention the scents are bold and unique. Unlike the usual range, they are also blended so you have a combination of your So faves. My personal favourite from this collection has to be Sugar Rush. It smells exactly as it implies and since I have a sweet tooth, I can not get enough.

To compliment these there are also perfumes for you to pick. These are not the same and make a blended fragrance. The thing that I love about these being complimentary perfume is that you can mix it up. Personally I love mixing “Sugar Rush” with “Day Dream” it gives a great all round scent.

sugar rush fragrance mist

You can pick these the mists up in both Boots UK and Superdrug for £5.99. The perfume range are exclusive to Superdrug and available for £7.99. Be sure to give them a smell and let me know which one’s your fave.


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