Mádara Soap Review

This post is a little over due however since February is such a short month, it can happen.

This months spotlight product in a collaboration with Showcase Beauty is looking at Mádara soap range. As someone who is unfamiliar with the brand its great to test it out. Firstly I thought I would talk about why we use soaps. I appreciate many people use gels for their body and hands rather than a bar.

Soap vs Gels

Bar soaps are made using a process is called saponification which has a loose definition of “turn fat/oil into soap by reaction with an alkali.” There is little difference between how liquid and bar soap is made. Soap is great for removing dirt, debris and oil. from the skin. A great example is after a workout since your body is sweaty.

Although shower gels generally contain the same basic ingredients those with delicate skin and skin conditions such as eczema, may find them better. This is because they are water based which makes it easier to get moisture in.

About Mádara

Mádara cosmetics state that they believe that luxury goes further than just skin deep. Like me, they believe that beauty should make you feel better, not just look it. Also they believe in effective ingredients, honest claims, environmentally friendly packaging, care, passion and respect. They offer a range of body and hair products for all members of the family.

The two soaps from Mádara I will be reviewing have different benefits in addition to being a soap. Firstly charcoal detox soap draws out impurities from the skin and has a beautiful pine and orris scent to it. The volcano is slightly different as it is a scrub soap infused with coconut oil and black lava with uplifting scents of cedar and lime. These are two available on the Showcase beauty website although there are further available on
Mádara’s own site.

If you have skin that changes throughout the seasons then perhaps consider switching between soaps and shower/bath gels. You can check out the two soaps on the Showcase website.

Will you be giving them a try?


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