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 Pixi Beauty sent through this wonderful Rose infused collection for me to try and review for you. It has been about 3 weeks now and I’ve been frantically trying as much of it as I could.  The majority of these are not only new to me but new to Pixi. So if you want to know more about this collection then just keep on reading.

Makeup Fixing Mist

Infused with rose water and green tea to not only prolong makeup wear but also protect and balance the skin. This mist is also said to add a soft focus finish.

This would be great or that “natural beauty” finish and even just to refresh tired skin. Personally I’ve used it only a couple of times due to my high usage of the glow mist (more about that later).

Makeup Fixing Mist £16

Rose Cream Cleanser

Suitable even for very sensitive skin, this cleanser has a lot to offer. The camomile and aloe very soothe whilst the avocado and rose conditions the skin. All you need to do is use daily and remove with a damp cloth. If you do have sensitive skin then remember that it is always best to use luke warm water. (not too hot and not too cold)

My Thoughts

You’ll know that my skin struggles have been a challenge. I am pleased to report that I introduced this to my skincare with out any issues. It has been about three weeks and I personally find it super mild.

Rose Cream Cleanser £18

Rose Caviar Essence

If for some bizarre reason, the name wasn’t enough then perhaps the encapsulated rose petals will. This is so pretty but how it makes my skin feel after use is better. This is suitable for all skin types and formulated with antioxidant rich natural oils. This is also a new addition to the range.

My Thoughts

Using serums and essences as part of your daily skincare makes a huge difference. This one looks and feels great and literally melts into the skin. I have been using it daily and immediately see the difference every time.

Rose Caviar Essence £26

Rose Ceramide Cream

Another product new to the Rose range is the ceramide cream. There are a tonne of benefits that come with using ceramides. These include; treat eczema, treating dry cracked skin, reverse aging, reduce irritation. All of which are things I need as my Winter skin has been particularly difficult this year.

My Thoughts

Over the Winter my skin really became painfully dry. This has never been something I have previously experienced with my combinational skin. Usually I may get a dry patch on my skin if I go heavy on acids but never overall dry skin. So far I have found that my skin has got its bounce back along with a natural glow.

Rose Tonic

You’ll know that there are a few different tonics from Pixi Beauty. This one is Rose Hydrosol based, which has a number of benefits. Rose hydrosol is not only calming to the skin but also stimulating to the skin. The tonic is available in two sizes so you can have a travel size to take away with you.

My Thoughts

Rose hydrosol based tonic works on all skin types. It has been very good to my Winter skin which has been very dry and dehydrated this year. I feel like this has been the most soothing tonic I have used from Pixi Beauty so far.

Flash Balm

This radiance boosting balm has a 3 in 1 oil free formula to not only moisturize but can also be used as a mask and primer. Again this can be used on all skin types in the morning or evening.

My Thoughts

If you suffer from dry undereye area like me, then this would be great. I have found that since it doesn’t need any rubbing in act as a primer, you get a real nice makeup adhesive.

Rose Oil

This luxe oil blend is perfect for those that enjoy that extra step in their skincare routine. If you prefer to streamline your skincare steps then you could add this to moisturiser for that extra boost. The oil also has pomegranate oil which is packed full of antioxidants & vitamins. Not to mention it has rose geranium in addition to rose oil. The oil comes with a pipette which you can use for easy product distribution.

My Thoughts

Oils are something I feel the skin absorbs with ease. Everyone could use these on their skin even if they have an oily skin type.

Rose Glow Mist

This comes with a whopping 7 flower oils which has essential fatty acids & antioxidants. Still has all the things everyone loves about the glow mists as well as great to refresh makeup during the day.

My Thoughts

This is one of my faves as came at the perfect time for me who was a lover of the original glow mist. I love to use it on top of my usual setting spray and especially in the afternoon as a makeup refresh.

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths

Really good even on waterproof makeup these 10 melting cleansing cloths. With added chamomile to calm complexions, grape seed oil and rose extract. These are a great trio t remove makeup gently.

My Thoughts

The scent alone is really calming and soothing after a long day. I like how my skin doesn’t feel dry after use which is what I normally experience with a lot of cleansing wipes. It is effective alone when removing makeup even waterproof.


Whether you decide to purchase individual products or the entire collection is up to you. If you were considering giving your entire skincare routine an overhaul then you could pick up the entire range in a set.

Will you be giving Pixi’s Rose range a try?


Disc: This post contains gifted products

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