Top 5 Back To Work Essentials

Since many of us returned to work this week I thought it was a great time to share a selection of back to work essentials I think you’ll love. Whether you are back in the office or still working from home, these useful items will also brighten up your desk space.

Crossbow Printables Executive Planner

If you are someone that likes a key event overview to look at then this desk planner is ideal. It allows you to view your week, at a glance. Plus you can add any new habits on the useful tracker, keep hold of any key tasks on the to-do list and capture both your aims and important tasks. Each day has hour slots starting from 6am-9pm however these are faint so you have the option to not use them.

Ultrasun FaceFluid

Working in front of a screen means added blue light exposure and SPF is key to protecting the skin from these. Ultrasun have both a tinted and nontinted version. The range of products are also great on skin with deeper tones as it doesn’t appear ashy.

Carafe & Tumbler

Dehydration can impact many parts of the body including loss in contact concentration and poor cognitive performance. While many people are working from home, remembering to give yourself a break seems somehow more difficult. Have one less thing to think about by topping this carafe tumbler set up once a day and having it readily available for a much needed pick me up throughout the day.

Quay Blue-light Filter Glasses

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time Infront of screens or if you don’t give yourself regular breaks then these are for you. This is particularly helpful if you’re a migraine sufferer as they limit exposure to blue light. The result is reduced risk to eye strain which can trigger migraines and headaches. Wearing these in the evening can also help aid natural sleep rythmn as blue-light from screens such as phones, TV’s and phones, can also delay the body’s release of melatonin.

Desk Storm Cloud

Brighten your desk with this storm cloud which also indicates the weather. The interesting thing about this is that no one actually knows who invented the storm cloud. Robert Fitzroy popularised it by using it while carrying Charles Darwin on his five year voyage. The special liquid inside the glass crystallises in different patterns as the barometric pressure changes allowing you to predict the weather.

What are some of your back to work essentials?

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