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This post is to share an experience which was completely new to me. Not only did I have the pleasure of visiting the amazing Petersham Nurseries but also I got to check out Sonya Skincare System. This was an evening event in the heart of London which is simply magical this time of year. If you are looking for a new skincare range then this could be for you.


Sonya Skincare System

You’d probably be more familiar with parent brand, Forever’s Aloe Vera drink range. As you know, Aloe has a plethora of benefits including digestive health but also for topical treatment. This superfood not only has 75 known nutrients but also has the same PH as healthy skin.

For the first time I was introduced to their skincare range of which there are three including the Sonya line. Rather than go for a blanket approach, each range is for a specific skin type. The key types they look at are: normal, dry, oily and combinational. The Sonya Skincare System is specifically formulated for combinational skin although this is also great for oily and normal skin. One of the appealing things about this range is that it is gel-based. This is something that is key for oily areas on combination skin types.  


Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nuseries is a successful and well established, family run business. One of the more recent locations is in Covent Garden. This comprises of a florist, shop and bar restaurant in a picturesque location. I’ve never dined at Pertersham and would love to return there at some point. It is a really nice mood in the centre of one of the busiest London locations I know.


Since canapés were served throughout the night, I was able to sample some of the cuisine. It is always nice when there is a variety for all eating preferences. With breaded chicken being particularly successful to accompany either champagne or Forever’s signature Aloe range.


We were lucky enough to be able to get up close to the Sonya product range. In addition to this we were provided with more detailed information about Forever Living. This is always something I personally enjoy as it gives me a lot more to write and talk about. 

It is a struggle to consider whether there’s a better time to visit Petersham Nurseries then this time of year. The Christmas decorations were up and looking stunning. It was the perfect atmosphere to learn about Sonya Skincare System and to finally visit Petersham Nurseries. If you are ever in Covent Garden then I would certainly recommend dropping in and having a look around.


Disclaimer: This post contains gifted experience.

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