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Finally I had to bite the bullet and visit Harvey Nichols so I could pick up Fenty Beauty goodies. I always knew I would buy some as I completely support the message behind the range as an inclusive culture in the beauty community is so important. My main hope was that I would find my foundation match as I couldn’t find any models that looked similar to me. (in terms of skin tone) The main reason I had put it off for so long was because, like anyone who wants to pick up any Fenty in London, the entry queue was a real test.


The Store

The layout was straightforward in terms of a boutique and all of the products were clearly visible. After waiting in the queue (about 35 minutes) I was greeted by an assistant who walked me over to a chair and sat me down before asking what I wanted to try. Obviously the ProFilt’r foundation was top of my list but also I was interested in the highlighters, or at least I wanted to see Trophy Wife for myself.



My initial impression of the foundation was that it was very good for oily skin. For £26 I felt that it was a real bargain if it works for a full day as the main area of my oil production occurs on my nose whilst the rest is manageable. Since the general consensus about this foundation was that it is for oily skin, this should resolve my issue. The assistant also told me that the powder works wonders for a long wear matte look however I had a budget I aimed to stick to so I did not purchase it on this occasion.


NOTE: Rihanna’s go-to Profilt’r shade is apparently 340 but she also wears 330, 360, or 370, depending on the time of year.



If you have been read any of my makeup posts then you know that I ALWAYS want a new highlighter. Trophy Wife is a stunning bright bold yellow/gold and if bold is your thing then you will not be disappointed. Also it has great versatility as some have even worn it beautifully as a eye shadow like one of my favourite Youtubers Christen Dominique. I went for KillaWatt highlighter duo in the shade Mean Money/Hu$la Baby. The packaging comes across elegant because of little details like the compact mirror has Fenty Beauty printed on it. Mean Money confused me as it initially looked like a setting powder. This was until swatched as it then gives this beautiful champagne-like glow. I think it is one of those that you will only catch when the light hits it although I need to try it to be sure.

Although Mean Money is lovely, Hu$tla Baby is just everything! It is a beautiful rose gold shade which are always my personal favourites. On my face I just felt like the sun had blessed my cheek bones with endless summer. It suits a large range of skin tones, the lady who helped me was wearing it. She was really light in comparison to me and it looked lovely on her.


The new Fenty products looked just a memorising and were on display. The packaging looked awesome and I can not to try more of the range.


Really looking forward to trying these out for a full day. As far as first impressions go, it was exactly what I hoped it would be.

fenty beauty
Fenty Beauty; Profilt’r foundation shade 380 Killa Watt Higlighter duo Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby


If you are looking to attend then I would still suggest visiting as early as possible to avoid queuing. Although civilised, it does detract from the overall experience of getting new makeup (in my opinion).

Will you be giving Fenty Beauty a go?


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