5 tips on how to get your eye makeup popping


Although I still feel I have a way to go, the past week I was really thinking about how far my eye makeup has come over time. This post is just to share with you some of the reasons why I think I have advanced. To be honest, I have not taken any lessons or watched anyone new on Youtube for a long time that could contribute to this.


Whether it is high end or drug store, you need to know the product you are working with. For example some perform better when applies with a sweeping motion whilst others perform better if you pat them on this would be due to the formula. It may not be something you have yet realised however perhaps when you next pick up a palette, give it a go and take a look at the difference.


Prep & Prime

Believe it or not, prepping your eyes has a lot of hidden benefits whether you put on your eyeshadow before or after your foundation. Using a powder firstly helps blot excess oils or helps set your foundation (depending on what stage you apply your eyeshadow). This will also support your makeup to apply evenly and avoid creasing. If you opt for concealer over primer then be sure it is oil free or at least thick like Tarte Shape Tape.

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When to apply

I have seen people apply their shadow at different stages of their makeup routine. Although I have tried it at various stages, I find it is easiest to do eye makeup first. The reason for this is if you make any mistakes or have any fall out, it can easily be wiped away before you have any foundation on. Personally it has saved a huge amount of time doing it in this order and would recommend it.


Apply small amounts of your shadow at a time rather than applying a large amount at once. This will allow you to avoid mistakes easily as well as achieving a smoother finish once you are done.

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Quality tools

Never before have I considered this however I recently gained a new brush set from Sarah Artistry. These are the official Makeup By Mario/Kim K-West show sponsor. Honestly I thought my skills were completely unrelated to my brushes. I thought the only possible impact that brushes could have were relatively obvious, such as shedding and generally falling apart in your had. Honestly I can say now that I was 100% mistaken. These brushes made my makeup look like it was done by Mario himself. (Obviously it was still me doing my makeup as usual.) Maybe all you need is to invest in some quality brushes in order for your talents to show through.


That is all of my tips, I hope you found them useful.

Have you found any quick wins that have changed your makeup results?

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