Instagram|The Most Demotivating Platform Of 2019 For Influencers?

Recently I posted an image to declare I was no longer going to try with my Instagram. It all started about 3 weeks ago when Instagram didn’t change anything on their algorithm. There was a specific point where both my reach and engagement dramatically dropped along with fellow bloggers of similar size to myself.

Along with many others I had to disagree with this. Unfortunately I am also fully aware that this will make no difference a single thing. Rather than be one of those that bang on about how unfair it is I have taken action. So on my feed you will not see me trying so hard to make things match and look the same. This was a change I made prior to the drop in reach anyway so either something did happen or it’s not liked.

Going forward all you’ll be seeing it whatever I want pretty much whenever I want. I won’t be trying to find the “right” time and I won’t be posting at the same time everyday either. What I will be doing is focussing more in my IGTV as I have recently been really enjoying content on there. Alongside this I will also continue sharing on my stories which I do love and we also get to interact there.

Personally I feel this kind of approach is going to be the 2019 trend when it comes to Instagram. There are many who are equally frustrated with the lack of support for up and coming influencers wanting to share content.

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