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So I studied and not once did this ever cross my mid. School/college/Uni friends are not just with you because they choose to be but because everyone has to go. Once that is all left behind then what’s next?

Perhaps you get a career in a company that has a variety of people to speak to. However what about those that freelance?

One huge thing that I have found in blogging is just how lonely it can get. Most tend to have their studios in their house and blogging is a full time job. So they spend full time in their house blogging. It is always so surprising as looking online it can seem like the exact opposite.

Coffee Shop

One thing you can do is try working in a different environment as often as you can. Coffee shops are a great place to have the busyness but not too loud. Often they come equipped for laptop users and have well distributed plus for all to use. Some places also have meeting rooms making it even easier to conduct business from them.


There are also some amazing locations in London where you can literally set up office. The Hoxton Holborn is a great example of this. It has amazing work spaces and meeting areas for every entrepreneur. Not to mention they are situated within easy commute across town and serve great coffee, food and drinks for later.

Shared Work Space

Another option is to work from a shared work space. In London I have found this to be increasingly popular especially in tech centre, Shoreditch. Place will have coffee areas as well as offices and meeting rooms. Most will require a membership in return for their use however you never know who you could spark up a conversation with whilst there.

These locations are also great places to study should you no have a hang out at your place of study. Although hopefully should you be feeling lonely then this will inspire you to head out and at least have an opportunity to hear people whilst working. These locations aren’t so busy that you’ll find it distracting but perhaps bring along some headphones just in case.

Where do you love to hang out when working?


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