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With the insane level of collabs that are out every month I actually felt a little over them. However Erika Jayne put a stop to that after dropping a TooFaced collab and everything is a treat.

Erika Jayne

Firstly let me bring you up to speed on who Erika Jayne is apart from a fellow Cancerian. Most widely known now to her role in RHOBH despite also being a successful musician and published author. Erika Jayne is actually her performing name her surname is actually Giradi. Speaking of names her Instagram is actually called The Pretty Mess which is also shared with the collection name.

Pretty Mess Collection



Palette £33

You can see that the palette name is shared with the collection. Looking at the image you get; 6 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades and 4 which look more like they are foiled for that extra sparkle.




how-many-f*cks-do-i-give-highlighterHow Many F*cks Do I Give Highlighter £25

This is probably the product I am most excited about. I mean the name of this highlighter and the dollar sign in the middle just say Erika Jayne. One thing I would love to see is a swatch because you can clearly see two shades of gold. One is deeper than the other and how these look combined is a mystery.




Pat-The-Pu$$Pat The Pu$$ £32

Erika has spent many a chat show visits demonstrating how you pat the puss. So it goes without saying that this would be included in the collection. This looks like a gold body shimmer which I’m hoping comes with a puff applicator so you can really pat.



There are 3 lip options from the collection. Erika wears either a nude or a pink but rarely anything else. What I like is that this reflects that with a nude, pink and a hypnotic stage pink shade. Both DSL and polite lips come with a liner. Polite lips liner is a matching nude whereas DSL is a hot pink to add depth to the hypnotic lip gloss.




Polite Lips £24
DSL £24
Painkillr Pink Lip Injection Extreme £22



You can’t quite get your hands on the collection just yet however you can check it out on the website. Official launch date is February 12th and certainly one to put in the diaries. When this range is heading to the UK has not been confirmed just yet although I suspect not long after. I’ll be keeping an eye on the London store for when it does.


What will you be picking up from the Pretty Mess Collection?

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