Rise of the Nano Influencer – Instagrams Trend Predictions For 2020

Instagram trends and algorithm is something very fast paced and hard to keep up with.
Following a turbulent year of in 2019 despite personal efforts, I thought I’d try something new in 2020. This year I decided to research trends and theories on what’s in and out. I’ve collated everything and put it all in this post (sharing is caring).

IGTV Takes Spotlight

IGTV will be focussed on my Instagram. There has been a lot of hints to this from the changes Instagram has made. When this first landed it was very rigid in how content could be shared. Recently there have been some welcome changes to this firstly we can now share content in landscape. For those who film multi channel content, this is a welcomed change. Secondly they’ve made these videos more visable on Instagram feeds. I’ve read elsewhere that 3-10s videos shared on your feed will reach the explore page. Not only a IGTV tab where all your videos are displayed, but also on explore page. The final thing is that they allow users to share a preview on to their main IG feed. The preview mode allows them to then ‘watch more’ which then the app redirects you to the full video.

More Organic Content

Trends are showing that people want more organic content. So perhaps it’s time to drop the backdrop and show content on-the-go. The same for videos and now with the increasing phone camera quality, it is more and more possible to share near live content.

Reduction in Influencer posts

Less Posting For Influencers
Originally it was post many times a day, then it was twice a day. Following this it became daily and now I’m hearing it might go to weekly. Theories out there are that influencers can now focus less on feed content quantity but more so on quality.

Likes will be permanently hidden in 2020

Initially this was welcomed by many however it’s the one I care least for. Instagram states that it will be hiding likes worldwide this year. In my opinion this is being replaced with an equally annoying substitute. This substitute shows that your post is liked by “others”, “thousands of others”, “millions of others”. I could go on all day about how much of a pointless replacement I think it is however I’ll save it for a separate post.

IG Live in IGTV’s shadow

The big focus this year is certainly IGTV. What that means is lives will be taking a back seat to accommodate. Can’t say I’m really disappointed about this since I didn’t personally take to it well. Planning content for IGTV has become even more important though so better take some time to get ready.

What are your thoughts on the these trend predictions?

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