My top 5 signature fragrances


I thought I would start talking a lot more about perfumes as it is a great passion of mine and my previous Fragrantica post was so greatly received. Beginning with my current top picks to make anyone feel special.

Chanel Coco mademoiselle


A classic and very popular fragrance with great longevity and heavy sillage it is no wonder. This is a great signature fragrance for all ages with a citrus set of top notes followed by florals middle notes down into smooth base notes. Fantastic to wear for any occasion both day and night.

Personally I prefer the eau de toilette however this also is in eau de parfum  and parfum (7.5ml).

Dolce & Gabbana The One/ The One Rose


Another very obvious signature fragrance. The golden design reflects the scent of the fragrance. Described as a Floriental fragrance this is a very unique and alluring. Similar to Coco Madmoiselle this has citrus top notes with light floral middle notes into warm base notes. I would say the longevity is just as long as Coco Mademoiselle however the sillage isn’t as heavy.

If you prefer a more floral version the you could try The One Rose which has the additional rose added. Personally I would not be able to decide between the two however I have personally worn Rose in the day and the refreshed with the classic at night.

Marc Jacobs Daisy (What I currently smell of)


There are a few variations of the Daisy scent however I personally prefer the “Eau so Fresh” and “Kiss”.

A very clear floral fragrance both help me feel the joys of Spring. Personally I would say that this is very much a day time scent due to its lack of depth in notes that said, it is very uplifting a refreshing.

Chanel Chance eau fraiche


This was a gift to me and I have grown to really enjoy wearing it. Not as sweet as I would initially seek and more citrus in scent but with great longevity. Definitely another one that could become a signature scent for someone or a very good day scent if not. I would say this is versatile as I can wear it day and night happily.

Thierry Mugler Alien


This is so unique and really hard to describe but so you know how unique the notes include Mandarin and Moroccan Jasmine (amazing right?!). It is on the pricey side however it is soo justified as a little goes a loooonngg way. I can do one spray which will last for days. Once I done a few sprays and placed my top in the wash and it still smelt of this fragrance when it came back out. This one may be slightly heavy for some people to wear all day and therefore may be more of a night scent.

These are on more of the pricey side in terms of my fave scents however I will shor

Do you have any of these? What is you favorite perfume (let me know in the comments).


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  1. These all sound so lovely! Alien is one of my favourites and I adore floral scents, I want to try them all haha! 😀 xx
    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I have gained so many over the years so I need to share them slowly. There are soo many good ones. I will do a perfume wish list too soon x

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