7th Heaven – Charcoal Peel-off face mask for clearer skin

charcoal peel-off mask 7th heaven


Just wanted to share a review on a mask I used this week by 7th Heaven which is their charcoal peel-off mask. It is no wonder why charcoal face masks are so popular since it draws out poisons, chemicals, dirt and others toxins to the surface of the skin, which is extremely good if you’re acne prone like me.


7th Heaven is well established and have a plethora of cruelty free masks for everyone and every skin type (not just on the face). It is really easy to pop into a high street store and find a selection of their range on the shelves and the prices of their masks are beyond reasonable. Depending on which mask it is, I find I get 1-2 uses per 7th Heaven sachet. With this one I found I got one use after getting an even layer across my face.

After applying an even layer to my face I left it to dry foro 10-15 minutes. You can definitely tell when it is dry as it goes pretty matte looking. Peeling this one was really easy compared to some I have tried from other brands previously. If you find a really good edge then you should be able to peel it all off at once.


When I took this off it did not hurt in the slightest. This was done really slowly so I am confident this has no pain when removing. (I done it for the blog though)


It all came off in one go!




Some people find this kind of image yucky.

My skin care routine is pretty robust and I mask at the end of a full facial treatment so it is unsurprising to see no build up this time.


Will you be giving this mask a try?


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