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Recently I returned for a top up to my shaping treatment at HD Brows with Jamie Long. Brows are super important to the face but easily ruined by poorly experienced brow bars. Luckily for me HD Brows came to my rescue and I have been seeing Jamie Long ever since.



Before meeting Jamie and HD Brows I use to get treatment locally and I thought it was worth it for £3 a session. Where I am based there were many people get brow treatments so this is why the price is lower probably than you even expected. They were always very nice and I never experienced any concerns. Since I have always had a naturally good brow shape, I would only request a tidy up. My brows were always square arched, which annoyed me a little. More-so when I begun to really pay attention to them and how much smoother other peoples arches were.

Jamie asked me what kind of brow I wanted all I said was that I wanted them to be more like Kim Kardashian-Wests. I never meant it in a literal way however I meant the arch was smoother and her brows were fuller. Never did I ever expect to look at my brows today and see how similar they are to hers.

HDBrow review
TOP: Before BOTTOM: After

Each visit my brows receive a tidy/reshape, tint & the they get filled in using HD Brows product range.


Eyebrow Pro Palette

The Pro Palette is probably my everyday go-to product when it comes to my brows. The colour range coupled with the versatility makes it easy to transform any brow situation. This palette is super unique as I used all the shades and I know at least half are used whenever I go for my treatment.

HDBrow-Pro-PencilPro Pencil

This is probably one of my favourite product to use at home. This is because it is so unique once you get the hang of using it. With this it is effortless to make those individual hair strands for your brow. This product can be used on it’s own or on a more filled in brow for that extra snatch. If it is the first time trying this then you may prefer the bundle which comes with the shaper.


Brow Colourfix

This tinted brow gel just tops sets and completes my brow look perfectly. Usually I go with a brown (shade: Vamp) however my most recent time we done something different. Siren was used on my brows which is described as being for red heads. However if you find your brows are too cool and need warming then Siren is great to warm them up.


Never did I consider or think that my brows were not just slimmer, but higher. Not only were my brows floating away from my eyes but they were also getting straighter despite having a natural arch. It is so strange that you don’t really notice these things until you change them.


So after looking at before and after you can see the difference it has made. This has not only been to my brows, but my entire face. Before seeing this I did not fully appreciate the reason why it is so important to see an expert. Now I totally know why experts like Jamie Long are so important our faces. HD Brows have a really useful page where you can search for your nearest brow expert. You can check it out HERE.

Will you be giving HD Brows bars a try?


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  1. Shalycee says:

    Your brows are popping!! I don’t have an HD Brow near me 🙁🙁

    1. Nadiene says:

      The link to find your nearest will show you also approved individuals so they may not be based in a HD Brows Salon x

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