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Recently I have been trying the Kiss range and I wanted to share with you some of the styles from the range in this post as I think you will really like them. Although I have naturally good and quite long lashes, I do like to use strip lashes to really make my eyes stand out. Often I stick to the same kind of style that fan out and are not too heavy as I feel like these can feel quite heavy on my lids. I have so far tried a good selection of Kiss Lashes and so far I have found them really easy to wear.


I do not wear lashes all of the time however I do like to wear them as often as I can as I think its a great way to make your eyes look stunning without any shadow also it often completes an eye look (in my opinion). It normally only takes me five minutes to put them on and most of that is just waiting for the glue to get tacky.


Little Black dress is so far my most favourite of these couture range lashes (centre) which I wear both day and night. The range are faux mink and have a knot free strip so go really add some flirty volume to your eyes.


Looks so natural is what I think are more of a day lash range with tapered ends on the lashes and light in weight so you do not even notice they are on throughout the day. I really like Iconic as it provides me with more length and volume at the outer corners of my eyes without extending further than my natural lash length.


For day looks though this Blooming lash range are for sure my favourite and they are longer than my natural lashes so provide me with the look more like I prefer. Coupled with a nice simple eye look, these just make your eyes pop.


Finally the volume range which are clearly a lot fuller although natural. I have not yet tried these however I am really looking forward to finding out how they come out on my eyes.


Sometimes you may need to trim down the length of lashes in order to make them fit your eyes better although I have not personally found I needed to do this so far with any of the styles.

This is just a sample of the range and if you want to see the full range then be sure to head over to their page.


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