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This is something that I have been so excited to try and share with you. Mainly because of how innovative I think this product is and that’s the Foreo UFO mini LED Thermo Activated Smart Mask.

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What is UFO mini?

The UFO mini is a more affordable smart mask treatment. Although it has the same full-spectrum RGB LED and T-Sonic pulsations, not to mention a warming function to infuse the mask. The mini version is not equipped with the Cryo-Therapy and isn’t compatible with all UFO Activated Mask formulas. If you wanted this as well as all the skin benefits as the flagship UFO model then you’d need to purchase that.

However if you wanted to get more out of a mask in just 90 seconds and gain a UFO-glow on a budget then this is perfect.


Made with super soft material, much like the cleanser, enables it to be suitable for all skin types. If time is of importance to you then the waterproof design means that it can be used and stored easily in the bathroom.

The device is available in a selection of three colours depending on your personal preference (Pearl Pink, Fuchsia and Mint).


Now lets take a look at the mask range.  As I mentioned, they have a Korean formula. For the mini there are currently two masks available. One mask is an anti pollution day mask, the other is a night mask.


Make My Day Mask

This day mask is formulated using red algae and hyaluronic acid face to wake it up at the beginning of the day. Since the treatment takes 90 seconds you can actually do a morning mask before work.


Call It A Night Mask

As part of your night time routine this rich olive oil and rejuvenating ginseng nourishing your skin before bed. Same as the day mask, you only need 90 seconds in order to enjoy its benefits.


How To Use

Once you download the app to your device, it is pretty much self explanatory. The use of Thermo-Therapy preps skin and infuses the nourishing serum deep below skin’s surface with the help of “T‑Sonic™” pulsations. Meanwhile the while red LED lights stimulate collagen production, something I won’t say no to. This also helps to give the skin a smoother and more supple complexion.


If you are a lover of Korean skin care and invest in your skin care routine then you’ll love this. The masks selection is more extensive should you be able to invest in the UFO instead of the mini. However this is perfect to try out and easily transportable because of its size.

Will you be giving the Foreo UFO Mini a try?





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