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Recently I discovered Showcase Beauty which is a great place to discover Indie beauty brands. To me, makeup is most exciting when it is innovative and unique. With such a heavily saturated industry, it can feel like such qualities are difficult to find within the beauty community. This is why I love to keep my eyes wide open when it comes to emerging brands.


About Showcase

This online shopping brand is extremely passionate about supporting incredible entrepreneurs. Whether it’s an independent beauty brands or their growing community of stylists and influencers. Since they were founded in 2012 they have continued to grow with a keen eye for curation of good quality products. Showcase stock a range of skin and body care products as well as fragrances.


Supporting emerging brands is a passion I share with Showcase. Brands which are innovative and unique add dimension to the industry. For this reason I have decided to become an affiliate for Showcase. Going forward I will regularly share brands which I have tried and tested, for you to check out. I am so excited to check out and share what they have to offer. In return Showcase have shared a 10% discount code to use at their checkout “Nadiene10”.


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