Holiday Gift Guide 2


The second gift guide this year is ideal for the home body. Whether they enjoy working out or organising, check out this round up.

Apple & Cinnamon Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

Perfect for any counter top and gorgeous scent for this time of year is this Crystals by Emily candle. The apple and cinnamon will really get you in the holiday mood and the presentation is photo worthy.

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Mapiful Wall Art

This is a great way to turn a memory into art and a great conversation opener. Recently I discovered Mapiful who provide a variety of wall art of locations, constallations and more. These are a great way to capture a perfect memory like a locaton of where you first met someone.

Yoga Mat

With the convienience of being able to do Yoga anywhere, having a good mat is imporant. Also with new year resolutions just around the corner there may be many looking to take up yoga again. That is why I have included this super cute mat in this years gift guide.

Twisted Wooden Salad Spoons

If you have someone that loves a good table setting, then a salad serving set like this is ideal. The eye cating and decrative olive wood handles are gorgeous and will really make a statement.

Jewellery Box

With so much more time spent at home, organisation has also become a focus. This is why this jewellery box is lovely for someone that wants to display their most precious belongings.

HD Mirror

Ideal for someone that likes good lighting whilst looking in the mirror. This HD Mirror is portable and usb chargable.

Wine Holder

This is a combination of two things, organisation of the home and wine. Perfect for the wine lover who loves to have their glasses on display.


Something to keep the feet warm with the cold Winter approaching is always a good idea. These slippers are not only super comfy but also they have been very popular this year.

Cereal Dispenser

Perfect for someone who loves a beautiful organised home is this cereal dispenser. Not only does it mean you can mix up your favourite mix to have every day, but also you can see when it is ready for a refill.

What are your thoughts on the gift guide, do you feel there are any I’ve missed?

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