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As many of you know I have been building my own inspiration board and I love printing custom wall art and visual cues. I recently found Photowall which is a Swedish brand. When ever anyone one says “Swedish” I do often think high quality and so I had a great expectation of their product range. As anticipated the murals and canvas prints are environmentally friendly, fire-retardant (in accordance to Swedish standards) and unbelievably to me, do not fade in sunlight


Photowall offer a range of printing solutions such as canvas art, wall murals including with your own images.

The initial thing I loved and got me really excited about Photowalls service was the range of endless possibilities. If you are a photographer then I feel this could be an awesome way to create a personalised backdrop. It’s a fantastic way to personalise the home and have a visual conversation opener for guests or capture family portraits. With a plethora of designs options along with designer options this had something for many customers to love.

Enlarging an image is what I was keen to explore as I have previously found that this can sometimes be challenging and fall short of my expectations.


The website experience when ordering your own print is so much easier and smoother than I anticipated. I actually had a look online and found that many also highlighted how easy it was to process an order. The website is very clear and user friendly with helpful prompts along the way. Once my order was processed I received confirmation and then I received very clear and regular updates prior to its arrival.

It arrived on a neatly packed and protected wallpaper roll and only took three days from Sweden on a DHL van, which I found really impressive. The other thing that really stood out was the perfect condition which it arrived in despite its long journey. Due to the clear instructions it was easy for me to cut where I needed. Since I am left handed I am more prone to tearing when cutting this was impossible with the high quality. (with right handed scissors that is)

The prices were surprisingly reasonable for the service and quality of the product however the great news is that Photowall have kindly provided me with one of their discount codes to exclusively share with you. Just use “photowallnadienecampaign2017” at the checkout for 20% off your order foe the next two months only.

Thank you to Photowall for collaborating with me so I could share this.

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