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With so much going on in the beauty community, it is hard to keep up with some of the releases. This is why I have made this beauty wishlist post so hopefully you don’t have to. I will add not all of these are new releases some are simply products I have not had a change to get my hands on.

norvina abh eyeshadow palette.jpg

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

Purple is the colour of Summer and you can see it in everything at the moment. This palette is on trend with the packaging and shades including and complimenting purples. The thing I love about ABH products is that they have amazingly high quality. Although Modern Renaissance was my first purchase it was very late compared to others. Despite this my palette collection has grow considerably and thins is a natural continuation. There are 14 shades from bold to matte which will keep anyone entertained for ages.

lemonade palette dominique cosmetics

Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Palette

Although I have previously written about this palette, I have yet to get my hands on one. Firstly because it was out of stock for some time and secondly because everything takes slightly longer to get to the UK from the U.S.A. Hopefully soon I will be able to finally get my hands on it as it just looks divine. This particular palette also had a selection of 3 glosses released at the same time. If I can afford it all then I will.

Lemon Drizzle Palette

I Heart Revolution Lemon Drizzle Palette

Whilst we are talking about lemons this one from I Heart Revolution also has my attention. The Lemon Drizzle palette seems to have the perfect balance of shades which would be perfect on me. If the Macaroons Palette is anything to go by, this palette will be amazing but also affordable. Alongside both the Lemon Drizzle and Macaroons palette, there were a couple of other to also check out.

beauty bakerie

Beauty Bakerie

With this one I am not even going to actually specify what I would like to try. It is fair to say I have an open mind when it comes to the Beauty Bakerie. Reason for this is I would be happy to have a try at using anything. Suppose the main thing in my mind is the foundation and setting powder since they have cool packaging and great colour ranges.


It feels really weird to me to have a beauty wishlist as normally I am first in line for a new product. Recently I have been really focussing on production content especially on my YouTube channel. Hopefully once I am all caught up then I will start chipping away at my wishlist however until then I will put it here as a reminder.

What beauty brands and products are you desperate to try out?

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